Private Consultation

Need some help identifying what you see when you enter your hive? This is the perfect opportunity for a one-on-one education session held at your very own apiary! You can tailor the experience to best suit your needs. We can help with nuc/package introductions, identifying a failing queen, help detect disease, splitting hives, honey extraction and much, much more.

$50/hr travel time may apply

Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Mentorship Program

Took a course but need a little more field guidance? This program is set up as a series of seven one hour private consultations focused on guiding you through the seasonal changes happening within your very own hive! Ideally we would meet once a month to learn how the hive evolves as the season progresses. These sessions are held at your own apiary so we can help you ensure that your own hives are healthy and on track!

$315/package travel time may apply

Contact us for rates and to schedule an appointment

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Public Speaking & Workshops

Looking for an educational workshop about one of our favourite pollinators, the honeybees? We can work with you to tailor the presentation or workshop to the groups’ interests/needs.

Contact us for rates and to schedule an appointment.

Topics may include:

  • An introduction to beekeeping

  • ‘A day in the life of a beekeeper’- Enjoy a field day in one of our hives

  • A who’s who of the hive and what their roles entail

  • Pollination and how honey is made (plus honey sampling).


Honey Extraction

Honey is such a sweet reward at the end of the season, but not all of us have the time to extract our honey frames. We can provide this service for you! All we ask is that you provide us with the buckets and we will filter the honey and take care of the rest.

$1.00/lb with a minimum of $50.00 with a $10.00 clean up fee.

Contact us with any questions and to schedule a drop off time


Hive Management

Going away on a vacation and need someone to check on your hives? We can make sure your colonies are happy and healthy during your summer getaway. It always seems like the moment we take time away from our hives is the time they decide to swarm, have queen issues or contract a disease. We can come by, do an inspection and send you an email follow-up to let you know what your hives are up to and if there’s any issues to address!

$35/hr travel time may apply

Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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Swarm Removal

Found a group of honeybees hanging on your tree? In your birdhouse? Give us a call and we will do live removals for free! We also remove bumblebee nests.